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Summer can be a real
health challenge.
Our ambitious travel plans leave us
vulnerable to new infuences from
the new environments we so eagerly
Here are some practical tips on
how to stay balanced, energetic and well
You needn
t cross the desert to sufer
from dehydration
Many of us sufer
chronic dehydration simply because
we don
t drink as much water as we
Our bodies are 65
80% of water,
depending on our age
To keep them
in balance, it
s no surprise
we need
lots of water
And many people just
t drink enough of it
Sodas, juices,
cofee and teas do not answer the same
need, with the result that the fow in our
body systems is disturbed
Our arteries
become polluted and our organ function
is compromised
People with cardiac
disease, and kidney and gallbladder
stones ofen don
t drink 6
8 glasses
of water a day and are chronically