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Drinking only
sodas, coffee,
alcohol and
the like also
depletes our
minerals and
harming us
even more.
To counteract
this depletion we
need a quality
multivitamin. How
to know what
constitutes good
quality? Put your
multivitamin in a
glass of water. If it
hasn’t dissolved in
hour it will probably
not be absorbed
in your body, but
will simply be
eliminated. Be
sure, too, that
it is as natural
as possible. For
example, Vitamin E
called tocopheryl is
obtained naturally.
If this is not stated
on the bottle, it
is probably an
artifcially derived
version that is
Aloe Vera is excellent for
sunburn, whether in juice form
or straight from the plant
s best to avoid extended
exposure to sunshine as much
as possible
It can dry out the
mucus in your nose, eyes and
To cleanse and make these
parts succulent again, use a
solution of salt water
Warm up
one cup of water with a pinch
of salt about as salty as your
Let it cool, then put it
into a dropper bottle
Use it to
clean out your nose, eyes and
ears, where it can accelerate the
hygienic discharge of mucus
Summer fu
Stomach fu
or gastroenteritis
is ofen caused by a virus or
food poisoning
Avoid solids
for the frst day
Drink water,
broth and some apple juice to
maintain your electrolyte levels
A tablespoon of acidophilus
every hour can be benefcial
When you can tolerate solids,
start with grated apple and
cinnamon, mashed bananas
and rice water
water and rice
has been cooked
Aloe Vera
juice is also a good option, or
kefr in its natural form
If this
goes well, expand your variety
of foods slowly
Swimmer’s Ear
(and Earaches
Is anything more relaxing
than getting away from it all
with a good swim? For some
though, this means swimmer
earî and earaches
But these
need not discourage you
problems with swimmer
s ear
use Earacheaway
Te name
says it all
Tis is a remedy with
a base of olive leave extract and
vinegar that will relieve your
infected ears
Stress and
Stressed out? Use Vitamin C
If you want to detoxify
as well, take at least 2000 mg
per day
Get a good massage
friend doesn
t have to be an
expert to rub some Oil of
Oregano into your muscles
with love and goodwill
will feel your muscles relaxing
as oxygen penetrates deep into
the tissue
t forget your
shoulders and neck, the places
we most ofen tend to tense up
Eat fruits and vegetables in
abundance and avoid sugars
Did you know that every
bacteria and virus loves
to grow on sugar? Avoid
polyunsaturated fats, use
unheated cold
pressed olive oil
as much as possible, and use
faxseed to get your omega