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How to Take
Care of Oily
Te teen years are full of excitement and changes to your
It is important to stay on top of your hygiene
area in particular to pay attention to is the hair
Why is hair so
It is a part of what people see when they
get their frst images of us. For teens,
having the right hair style can make or
break the look you’re going for.
Because of the hormonal changes
during puberty and teenage years,
taking care of hair can be a beast
of a problem. One day your hair is
shiny and laying just the right way,
and the next it is unmanageable.
These problems can be
compounded if you have just
discovered that you have oily hair.
It is almost like learning that your
hair is on fre.
No matter what you do, it’s ruined.
But, there is hope.