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Getting Outdoors
Create a family activity day at least once a week
Tis is the time when all of the
family spends time together sharing a fun activity outdoors
Te name of the
game is injecting some physical activity into your day
Place them on a list
Each time you have an
activity day, take one suggestion from the list
But, what activities can you do as a family that
will be rewarding physically and mentally
Here are some
summer workouts
that you can
begin with
• Bicycling
If everyone doesn
know how to ride a bike, this is the
perfect time to learn
Bike riding
builds up the leg muscles and also
your cardiovascular ftness
can ride and talk about your day
Go to the park and have a leisurely
• Basketball
All you need for
this is a hoop and a ball
Have a
family pick
up game afer dinner
or afer work
You can divide into
teams and play for points
better, play games to see who has
to do the most chores that week
• Hiking
Explore your outside
world with your family
though you are having fun and
exploring, you are burning tons
of calories on a hike
And, you get
to learn about nature
it with a camping trip for a fun
weekend getaway
• Swimming
You don
t even
have to have your own pool
there is a neighborhood pool or
one at the gym, use it
Doing laps
is an easy way to gain muscle tone
all over your body while you have
Take a water aerobics class as
a family
Tere is no shock to your
joints so it benefts both young and
old alike
Parents can fnally keep
up with their kids
• Backyard games
One of
the ofen neglected parts of the
house is the back yard
Act like a
kid again
Play kickball, volleyball,
soccer, fag football and many
other games that will make you
sweat and give you great memories
to hold on to
Let everyone choose a fun
activity that they like