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Amin Al Amiri addressing the students and faculty at Gulf
Medical University as part of Heroes of Healthcare Lecture Series
What kind of a growth is expected over the
next 2-3 years in terms of addition of hospitals
and bed strength?
As per the plan of the Ministry of Health we expect some of the
hospitals to be launched soon
that is Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in
Ras Al Khaimah, some health centers and specialized centers in
other emirates
We expect our facilities to grow fast in the next
3 years and also foresee a rise in the growth in private medical
What are your plans to further improve the
standards of Medical Services in the UAE?
We are trying to review all the standards implemented a few
years ago and manage them with other health authorities like
We are keen to make sure that we comply with
international standards and match international criteria to ensure
higher standards of health care and medical services in the country
What is your opinion about current trends
in Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Programs being offered in UAE?
We encourage the private health sector to concentrate on the health
professional development and ofer continuing medical education
We have noticed that such programs are benefting the
CME providers to enhance their knowledge and improve quality of
We support such activities by private health sector and that
they are approved by the CME department at Ministry of Health
What in your opinion can contribute to
encourage more number of local students to
undertake medical and paramedical courses?
Te need of the country is high and as we are expecting big
expansion of the health and medical facilities in both government
and private sector
Te need is very high for professionals like
doctors, dentists, paramedical staf and nurses in diferent medical
disciplines, especially Emiratis and also from the expatriates
wish to encourage more number of Emirati students to pursue
programs in health care and medicine
What are your plans to tackle impending
health issues in UAE?
In general, we should concentrate on the need of the country and
encourage professionals to train in sub specialities to tackle the
health issues
Do you foresee any plans of introducing
PPP model (Private Public Partnership) in
healthcare services in UAE?
Tere is an opportunity for PPP in terms of managing hospitals
and health centers and there is an opportunity in terms of
establishing new specialized centers in cord blood, stem cells, heart
centers, diabetes centers, bone marrow transplant Tis requires an
integration between private and public sector in advocating and
supporting the existing health services in UAE
Do you think the cost of treatment in private
hospitals is affordable by all?
It varies between institutions depending on the quality of services
ofered by various healthcare service providers in the private sector
It also gives an opportunity to the patient to select an appropriate
At the same time it gives a chance to the private sector to
develop healthy competition to ofer higher quality services for the
beneft of the patients
We always recommend the private sector not to over charge patients
and burden them with higher cost of treatment
We must remember
that healthcare is more of a humanitarian service and we recommend
providers not to consider it just as a service to generate high income
At the same time we expect them to balance between the cost and
service and to ofer afordable services and expand their services
What are your comments about the available
facilities and services in private hospitals?
We are very happy with the existing healthcare services in the private
Tey are improving and increasing the standards constantly
We are proud of this and encourage private sector which has
excellent hospitals and health centers in the country
We are happy that we are considered as one of the leading countries
today in terms of availability of international standard of health
services in UAE
We want to support such ventures and also strongly
support medical tourism in the country
What is your advice to the students who are
currently undergoing medical studies?
“As a student, one must aim to serve humanity without
discrimination, serve the country they belong to and respect
one’s religion and strive to inculcate good professional ethics and
H E Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri exhorted the students to pursue
their goals with dedication and said that as a future healthcare
professional, students must plan their future and achieve excellence
in their chosen feld
“Education with specialization is the key to
success”, he said
HE narrated many instances from his own life experiences and
encouraged the students to follow their dreams and gain good
experience by facing obstacles, testing times and hindrances that they
face in the process with grit and determination
Tis is an excerpt from the lecture delivered at Gulf Medical
University as part of Heroes of Healthcare Lecture Series