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Eat Right in
The Best
Tips to Help You
Fight Fast
Food Obesity
You have had
a delicious, yet
healthy meal and
are feeling pleased
with yourself for
turning down the
bacon double
cheeseburger that
had been calling
your name for
broiled fsh and
steamed veggies.
And then, the torture device
rolls into view, a dessert
cart laden with trays of your
favorite hot fudge sundae,
apple pie, and cheesecake
just the sight of it, you instantly
devour everything and feel
your stomach grumbling for
Tat is a typical fast food
And that is one of the
typical reasons why fast food
obesity is on the rise
Among the most alarming
conditions of obesity
nowadays, fast food obesity
is speedily becoming a trend,
especially in the United States
Who could resist those mouth
watering grilled hamburgers,
french fries, and sundaes?
Besides, as what most people
say, these foods are high
energy sources
So what is
wrong with eating foods that
will boost one
s energy?
You think they are right? Guess
Tese people do not know
that fast foods are jam
with innumerable calories
Te concept of acquiring
more energy through fast
foods provides a negative idea
What they do not know is that
whenever they eat fast foods,
their bodies devour more
calories than what their bodies
Food experts say that the
mechanism and structure of
the human body is not specially
designed to deal with the high
energy concentration foods