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Aero speed
Jump Rope
Depending on how seriously you take rope jumping
and where you want to go with it, the type of jump
rope you invest in makes a difference. There are
many ropes on the market with different price
The Aerospeed Hyperperformance Jump Rope is
one in the higher price range, with Buddy Lee (the
Olympian) having been the co-inventor and patent
holder. What you get is one powerful rope. The cord
is adjustable and is suitable for people up to 6’5”.
The rope cord is made from high quality synthetic
material, but is very thin (about 1/8”) to allow for
perfect aerodynamics and exceptional speed (after
many hours of training). The handles are made of
aluminium and are covered with black neoprene
sleeves for easy grip. The jumping rope also has a
patented swivel bearing system that allows you to
jump really quickly and smoothly.
Overall, this is a top notch jumping rope for the
more serious and advanced jumper.
The Big Book of Juices: More
Than 400 Natural Blends for
Health and Vitality Every Day
More and more people turn to juicing to improve their overall health.
Juicing doesn’t have to be boring either, there are so many options for
you and your family to try and enjoy. I am sure that you’ll soon fnd
many favorites.
I particularly like ëThe Big Book of Juices. It is jam-packed with delicious
and healthy fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and other thirst-
quenching drinks. All told, there are over 400 recipes. It’ll show you
that you can pretty much juice any fruit and vegetable: from celery to
broccoli, kale and passionfruit and mango. If you don’t have a juicer yet,
now is the time to invest in a good one, as most recipes in this book
require a juicer. However some of them can be made in a blender.
The book is divided into different chapters: Juice basics, Making
Juices, Making Smoothies, Making Quenchers and Juicing reference. In
addition, each recipe is graded on fve different areas: Detox, Immunity,
Digestion, Skin and Energy. This gives you an idea on how a particular
drink helps your overall wellbeing. The photographs in this book are
absolutely gorgeous and very appetizing. I am sure that you’ll want to
get juicing right away.
Overall, this is a beautiful juicing book full of delicious drinks. I would
certainly recommend this to anybody who is new to juicing or people
who are already juicing but need inspiration.
Green Tea Zen Calming
Spa Bath and Body Set
Gift Basket
I absolutely love this basket gift set.
It contains “delicious” spa products
that appeal to any green tea lover. It
contains a Green Tea Bath Gel, Body
Lotion, exfoliating Body Scrub, Bath
Bar, Bath Salts (to add to a relaxing
hot bath), Sisal Body Scrubber and a
100% Cotton Spa Towel in a beautiful
wicker basket. Imagine enjoying
some “time out” at home and treating
yourself to a Green Tea Spa Day, while
sipping the included Jasmine Green
You can either buy this as a well-
appreciated present for a special
person or you could treat yourself
to these wonderful products from
the comfort of your home. Exfoliate,
moisturize and relax with Green Tea.
Is there a better way of enjoying some
“me” time?
In my opinion, this is a wonderful way
of giving thanks or appreciation to a
special person in your life.