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With the recession,
the fall of big fnancial
giants on Wall Street,
and criminal activity in
fnancial circles that has
cost people millions, the
fnancial world has been
turned on its ear. People
who once put their trust in
stocks, bonds and banks
are now trying to rethink
their position.
Now take a look at the little guy
He may
have stocks but mostly he has the mortgage
on his house, his car note and maybe a
401k at work
When it comes to investing,
he is a novice or afraid to explore new
He may wonder where he stands in
the big picture if the rich are being brought
low by fnancial woes
Financial woes can happen to any of us
Tey seem to happen all at once but in
reality it probably comes on slowly
human beings it is our nature to apply the
stages of grief to fnancial problems
frst deny, then get angry, play the blame
game and then bargain for more time
It is
hard to get to the acceptance stage because
somewhere in there the stress of it all
afects our health
Stress is a silent killer
It comes on stealthily
and then packs a wallop that lays us low
A fnancial issue can lead to all sorts of
related symptoms that undermine
our health
Physiological and psychological
changes take place that can weaken the
immune system and potentially leave us
mortally wounded
In this report you will
learn about:
• Te types of fnancial worries that people
ofen experience
• Te health issues that fnancial problems
can cause
• How to regain your health and fnances
from the brink
No one likes to talk about money, but if
we are to survive physically and fnancially
someone needs to start spilling the beans
A healthy respect for money and fscal
knowledge can go a long way to fghting
back against unhealthy views of money that
stress us out
Dividing up assets includes the marital
home most ofen
Going from one home to
two new places to live can place a fnancial
hardship on one or both spouses
Death is always a struggle to come to terms
Losing a family member can place a
fnancial burden on the surviving members
In the case of no will or no insurance, it is
up to the family to pay burial expenses for
the deceased as well as pay any outstanding
When the death is a spouse, this can turn
your life upside down emotionally and
First the one you love is gone
Second, if they were the primary wage
earner, there is a loss of primary income
for the family
Any insurance money has to
be sorted out but that is no guarantee that
you will be able to aford to live for long
without another form of income to sustain
Serious Illness
We all hope that we will stay healthy for as
long as we live
Unfortunately, that is not
always the case
At any age an illness can
strike, debilitating us and decimating any
We pledge to love and honor forever, but
sometimes forever doesn’t last quite as
long as we thought
A divorce can plunge
a family into fnancial crisis
custody of any children, there is a question
of dividing the marital assets
If only one
spouse worked, then the other is now lef
with no income and will need to fnd a way
to support themselves
fnances we have
Even with insurance, a
lengthy hospital stay or home care can add
especially if you were not expecting it
Without health coverage this can be an
even more devastating scenario
thousands of Americans are living without
any type of health coverage for themselves
or their families
It could be that their
employer doesn’t ofer it or that they can’t
aford the premiums
Either way, without
it, medical costs add up quite quickly
Loss of a Job
With the recession, it is not uncommon to
see companies going under and employees
getting laid of
With no steady income,
bills begin to pile up
Some employees
didn’t have a retirement plan or the
company can’t meet their match
future can look bleak
Te prospect of a new job may not be on
the horizon
Depending on your position
in the company and your age, another job
paying the same or comparable may not be
Even a lower paying job may be
hard to come by
Families are lef with the
fear that they will lose their homes or the
ability to care for their loved ones