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Credit Card Debt
Tis is a common reason for fnancial
worries but here it is presented in a new
Most of the time, we are looking at
individuals who got into debt due to poor
spending habits
Now, people are using
their credit cards to supplement loss in
When the money runs low, they
pay for groceries, gas and some bills with
credit cards
Tis can only get you so far with no money
to make sufcient payments on the balance
Eventually the credit card debt spirals out
of control and there are still the monthly
household bills to pay
Property Damage
Te weather is an unpredictable force
of nature
Floods, fres, earthquakes and
tornados have ravaged cities, towns and
countries all over the world
Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans,
Louisiana? Severe property damage can
leave you without a home or the money to
If you have savings, these may go to keep
you afoat while you wait for the insurance
payment to come through
Tat can take
In the meantime you have to live
Military Service
Serving your country is a noble act
But, the
families who are lef to survive while their
loved ones serve do not always make it
It can be a hardship for spouses
and children to try to live on a small
income during a long deployment
Family Crisis
Tis covers a variety of fnancial issues
Grandparents are raising grandkids these
days due to unft parents, death of a
parent or even incarceration
When they
should be retiring they are raising the next
On a fxed income, this can be a
hard sell. They worry about their
health and how they will be able
to provide for their grandchildren.
Resources are available but
gaining access to them is a long
process. Also, if the parent is still
alive but behind bars or unft, it will
take an act of the courts to gain
custody of that grandchild so the
grandparent can make decisions
regarding their care.
We are referring to clinical depression
Prolonged stress that is not handled well
can send our emotions into a downward
Depression can have some genetic
components but it is also afected by stress
Changes in the body can bring about
chemical imbalances in neurotransmitter
production in the brain, leading to clinical
Tere are people walking
around right now who are clinically
depressed but deny the fact, believing that
it will pass
Tis state can also be brought on by fear
of the unknown
Creditor calls each day
can fuel the feeling that there is no hope
for your situation
Without treatment, this
can lead to desperate acts such as suicide or
psychotic episodes
It is not uncommon for those sufering
from high levels of chronic stress to
experience frequent headaches
and adrenalin rushes can lead to high blood
Constriction of blood vessels can
lead to throbbing pain in the head
People who previously didn’t have
headaches may now be experiencing
severe migraines
Tese are more advanced
headaches that can lead to blackouts,
Let’s look at the ‘fght or fight’ syndrome
Tis is the response that happens in a
stressful situation that poses a danger to
your body
Increased amounts of adrenalin
are produced and it shoots through your
system to your extremities
Te muscles are
ready; the pupils are dilated; you are ready
to either fght or fee in a hurry
Te body is not meant to exist in this
heightened state for long periods of time
Besides adrenalin, cortisol is also produced
Tis hormone is one that increases belly
And we all know that increased belly
fat is an indicator for heart disease risk
With prolonged stressful situations, the
body remains in a state of high alert
can lead to physical changes that contribute
to a variety of illnesses
It is not easy to
fght back when anxiety has you in its grip
Keep reading to fnd out what your body
could be in for when fnancial stresses afect
your life
It has many names and many variations
the seasonal blues and the blahs, to name a