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sensitivities to light and sound, and sharp
stabbing pains behind the eyes or across the
Migraines have been known to
cause nausea and vomiting
Tere have been reports written about the
benefts of sleep
When the body is at rest,
it shuts down all non
vital systems so it
can repair itself
For the average person,
eight hours of sleep is recommended each
night for the body to recover from the day’s
When we skimp on our sleep we create a
sleep debt
Just like fnancial debt, it can get
out of control
Tere are not enough hours
in the day to recoup the lost sleep
If you
try to catch up on the weekend you could
feel you are sleeping your life away
With fnancial stress, insomnia can create a
further sleep defcit
Te mind needs time
to unwind before you go to sleep at night
If you’ve ever noticed, you don’t always
fall asleep right away
You replay the day’s
events like a recording
Once the tape stops
playing you can rest
Te tape never stops playing when you are
under duress
Your mind constantly keeps
rolling and replaying your fears, anxieties
and the object of your woes
Some people
barely get any sleep because they always
reliving their worst
Lack of sleep can afect the waking hours as
People begin to hallucinate, become
irritable, sufer from paranoia, depression
and hypertension
Afer several days
without sleep you may feel the same efects
in your body as a person who is under the
infuence of alcohol
Unhealthy Habits
No one ever knows what they will do when
faced with a fnancial dilemma
We would
all like to think that we’d be able to bear up
under the stress, but no one really knows
More ofen than not we are not ready for
the onslaught and our coping mechanisms
are inadequate to the task
Alcohol abuse is not uncommon for those
who have been dealt a fnancial blow
it is a vicious cycle
Alcohol is a depressant
Instead of making you forget your worries,
you actually relive them
To stop the pain
you drink even more
Gambling is ofen a habit that is born out
of desperation
It is said that addictive
personalities are more likely to be
susceptible to gambling problems
those in fnancial dilemmas it seems to be
an answer, a quick fx, for the short
need for money
But, you can rack up more
fnancial problems by adding gambling
debts to the pile
Smoking is also an addictive behavior
that can result from fnancial pressures
Cigarette smoke can afect the elasticity of
blood vessels, contributing to hypertension
and heart disease
Tis is in addition to the
hundreds of harmful chemicals you are
allowing to enter your lungs with each puf
It is cheap to eat poorly
Tat is just a fact
When money gets tight, people buy what
they can aford and not necessarily what
they should be eating
Over time, poor
eating habits can afect the blood sugar, the
heart and the kidneys
But obesity is an issue in
another way. Some people
are emotional eaters.
Stressful situations like
fnancial problems can
cause overeating as a way
to cope with the pressure.
Eating comfort foods actually
releases feel-good endorphins
in the brain, prompting you to
eat more. The added weight
increases health problems
and does nothing to solve the
fnancial issue.
How to regain your health