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Developing Middle
East hygiene standards main
objective for launching the
‘Arab Hygiene Council’
Daman and Al Noor Hospital Group
announce the implementation of HAAD’s
Pharmacy Beneft Management Initiative
In line with its strategic plans to expand the pharmacy chain,
Thumbay Group recently inaugurated a new pharmacy at the
GMC Medical & Dental Speciality Centre, Sharjah.
The new unit was inaugurated by Mr. B. Ahmed Hajee
Mohiudeen, Chairman, B.A. Group, India in the presence
of Mr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President of Thumbay
Group-UAE, Mr. Akbar Moideen, Director - Operations
Healthcare & Retail Division, GMC Hospitals, Provost of
GMU Prof. Gita Ashok Raj, Dr. Manvir Singh Walia, Medical
Director-Operations and all the eminent doctors, staff of the
GMC Medical & Dental Speciality Centre, Sharjah. “The
inauguration of this pharmacy is part of the strategic plan of our
Retail Division to establish a total of 20 pharmacies in U.A.E. in
the current year 2012”, commented Mr. Akbar Moideen.
Dubai, UAE 29th May
– In line with its long-
term commitment to a healthier
Middle East, Reckitt Benckiser
Arabia, today announced
launch of the ‘Arab Hygiene
Council’ at an exclusive press
briefng held in Dubai. The
members of the Arab Hygiene
Council will involve healthcare
offcials from across the region.
An active extension of the
Global Hygiene Council,
the main objective of the
Arab Hygiene Council is to
develop hygiene standards
across the Middle East by
bringing together key opinion
leaders and decision makers
on a common platform, to
implement various hygiene
and health awareness programs
aimed at increasing awareness
about risks of poor hygiene
Elaborating on the role of
the Arab Hygiene Council,
Frank M. Koch, Marketing
Director, Middle East - Reckitt
Benckiser said: “Launch of
the Arab Hygiene Council is a
milestone towards achieving
our objective of building
healthier communities across
Middle East. We look forward
to working in conjunction with
healthcare and government
offcials from the region to
recommend and implement
specifc hygiene guidelines for
hospitals, clinics, daycare, and
schools, thereby, promoting
good hygiene habits for
improved health among the
“Dettol, one of the power
brands of Reckitt Benckiser,
will play a signifcant role in
promoting the Arab Hygiene
Council’s hygiene guidelines by
sponsoring various education
programs across the region”,
added Frank M. Koch.
Abu Dhabi, May 26, 2012:
National Insurance Company,
Daman today announced the
frst full implementation of the
Pharmacy Beneft Management
(PBM) initiative in pharmacies
within the Al Noor Hospital Group
in Abu Dhabi.
The PBM system, an initiative of
the Health Authority Abu Dhabi
(HAAD), is an automated third
party administrator of prescription
drug programs primarily
responsible for processing and
paying claims. In Daman’s drive
for continuous quality and cost-
effectiveness across the medical
Dubai Health Authority, Decide and LifeScan
organised a screening activity at Dubai
International Airport
Dubai Airport and Duty Free employees undergo
screening to check their blood sugar levels
health system, PBM is an important
Al Noor Hospital pharmacies
will now beneft by receiving
automated pre-approval from
insurers on prescribed medication
using Shafafya – HAAD’s
dedicated transaction platform for
healthcare operators and insurers
– creating greater effciency
and enabling potential cost-
savings. The highly-lauded PBM
initiative forms the backbone of
the E-prescription system which
enables Daman members to collect
prescribed medicine directly from
pharmacies without any paper-based