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If your teeth aren’t
straight, you can go to an
orthodontist (a special kind
of dentist) to get braces.
Braces go on or around
your teeth to move them
and make them straight.
Some braces are metal,
some are plastic, and some
are ceramic (strong stuff,
sort of like what some
dishes are made of). Braces
may sound weird and scary,
but don’t worry, because
they’ll only be on your teeth
for a year or 2. And when
you’re fnished wearing
them, you’ll have a movie-
star smile!
Getting accurate
and up-to-date
medical advice is
tough but whether
you are trying
to fgure out if
you have a blood
sugar defciency
or if the mole on
your shoulder is
cause for concern,
WebMD is the
perfect app for
correct, medical
Restaurant Nutrition
The Restaurant Nutrition
application allows a user
to easily view nutritional
information about
restaurant menus and
track what they have eaten.
Features to be released
in the next version can be
found at the end of this
The Restaurant Nutrition
user can turn on diets
to track calorie, carb,
protein, and fat to help
track and quantify their
dieting progress. Each
time a restaurant name
appears in the program the
map button near it can be
touched to open the Maps
application showing all of
that restaurant’s nearby
Calorie Counter:
diet & activities
The best app to take care
of your health! Perfect
for various goals - weight
loss, weight gain or
keeping ft. Ultimate food
database - more than
400,000 items with precise
data on all most important
parameters. The app will
automatically calculate
your needs for the intake
of vitamins, minerals and
nutrients. Create your own
diets and physical activity
plans: Body Tracker allows
registering the changes
of your body parameters
and tracking the progress
with the help of colorful
Get Fooducate
and hurry to the
supermarket. Use
your iPhone to:
Automatically scan
a product barcode,
search for products, or
browse by categories,
See product’s
highlights (both good
& bad), Compare
products, Select
healthier alternatives.
Created by dietitians
and concerned
parents, it uses
iphone’s camera to
effortlessly scan UPC
barcodes. Fooducate
analyzes information
found in each
product’s nutrition
panel and ingredient
Calorie Tracker
Stay on track, whether
you want to eat healthy,
lose weight, keep track
of your work outs or just
stay on a special diet.
Calorie Tracker works
with the Daily Plate, a free
product on LIVESTRONG.
COM. It’s meant to work
with the online service
and the online database
of over 450,000 food and
restaurant items.
It’s normal to feel sad sometimes, but
if you feel that way for a long time,
and you never feel happy, it’s called
depression. Sometimes, it’s hard to
fgure out what’s causing a person’s
depression. One thing’s for sure,
though: if you feel depressed or if you
think someone else is depressed, talk
to a trusted grown-up about it.
Viruses are a type of germ.
They’re very tiny, and when
they get inside your body, they
can make you sick. Viruses
cause colds, chicken pox,
measles, fu, and many other
diseases. Unfortunately,
antibiotics don’t work on
viruses like they do on bacteria.
Wash your hands often to help
prevent the spread of viruses,
especially before you eat and
after you use the bathroom.