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Gene Research
About Medicines
We all have a special place in the
environment that need to be recognized,
identifed, and analyzed for our existence
Nature plays a perfect role in terms
of inheriting parental genes but these
may vary in their outwardly expression
depending upon the condition to which
they are subjected
Tus, each one
of us should be proud of our unique
characteristics which must be respected
while dealing with any manipulation of
organ systems with various chemical and
biological agents in an honest attempt
to reduce the human suferings
In other
words, each human being should get
personalized treatment for diferent
diseases to suit his
her requirement based
on his genetic code
Te treating physician puts his best eforts
to treat his patient based on his knowledge,
skills, and experience
However, he does
not always succeed in achieving the
goal, ofen perplexed by the therapeutic
Tis could be a result of either
medication error
which could have been
or a genetic error which can
signifcantly alter the response to the
prescribed medicines
Clinical observations
have revealed that individuals belonging
to a particular region or race show more
efect than desired to certain medicine
whereas others show poor or no efect to
the same medicine in same dose resulting
in therapeutic failure
In addition, a small
fraction may exhibit severe side efects or
aggravation of the disease symptoms afer
taking the drug
Tis wide variation in
drug efect calls for a scientifc basis which
has been explained on the basis of genetic
defects among certain individuals
has given rise to a new discipline called
A branch of science
that uses genetic
genomic information
to better understand why people respond
diferently to drugs
Considering the fact that every
characteristic of the body is encoded by a
specifc gene, it is imperative to say that the
cellular constitution and properties are a
function of DNA sequence in the gene
change in the DNA sequence
or acquired
shall result in a new type of
cells with altered properties
Tis modifed
organ behaves in an unusual manner
to the usual drug treatment
Te science of genetics is not new, but
has experienced a signifcant boost since
the human genome project has been
Now is the time to capitalize
on what basic science has provided and
translate it into clinical practice
Prof. Anoop Agarwal
Department of Pharmacology, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
We all
appear to be similar
but only morphologically.
In fact, we are all unique
with respect to our genetic
constitution and thus possess a
distinct physiological system
which is different from any
other member of
the group.