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Follicular Unit Strip (FUS)
The technique for FUS is done under local
anesthesia in which a strip of hair bearing
skin is removed from the back of the head,
explains Dr Parashar. “Then this donor area is
sutured and under magnification, hair follicles
are removed from the strip,” he says with each
graft containing approximately one to two hair
follicles. After slivering and preparation of the
grafts, the recipient area is anaesthetized, he
says and then using special slits, micro-holes
are created, bearing in mind the style required
and the direction of hair growth. “And then
these individual follicles/ grafts are inserted
into the holes,” says Dr. Parashar. “Up to 3000
hair grafts can be implanted in one session
which may last up to eight hours.” The result
is hair growth in the area and for patients with
front line recession as this yields significant
difference in their frontal and profile view.
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
After the back of the head is shaved, the
patient is administered local anesthesia.
“Individual follicles are harvested using 0.8
millimetre to 1.2 millimetre punches without
incising the skin,” he says and sometimes an
automated machine is used to harvest the
grafts and then these grafts are inserted in the
preformed holes like in FUS technique. “Up
to 2000 grafts can be harvested and implanted
however the session may be lengthy or can be
conducted in stages,” he says. “It can take six
to eight hours for a session and the hair may
take 36 months for complete growth.” An
individual may require repeat sessions if the
patient requests more improvement or density
or has other areas of baldness. “Patients
require pain medications for two to three
days on a continuous basis followed by as and
when necessary and most can return to work
within two to three days,” he says though they
may have to wear a cap to protect the area.
Wound healing can take 7 to10 days and any
visible sign such as crusting and scabbing is
removed in 5 to 8 days.
Using a Water Purifier
British expat Alex Leonard from
Sharjah says he has lived in UAE for
the past 20 years. He was advised to
use a water filter on the family shower
head to filter out chlorine and other
chemicals by his dermatologist. “I have
been using a water filer now for the past
one year by H2O Pure Blue. It has made
a tremendous difference not only to my
hair but my wife and children’s hair and
even skin. My hair is definitely falling
less and my wife has had remarkable
hair growth with thicker and shinier
hair. This is something I would
recommend to anyone, living anywhere,
not just UAE,” he says.
Facts about H2O Pure
Blue Water Purifier:
Using a shower purifier is one of the
easiest and most effective ways to
reduce harmful exposure to chlorine
and other chemicals. It removes 90
percent and more of Chlorine and
Heavy Metals in the water and goes
to work immediately, softening and
purifying your water as it removes
chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulphide and
unwanted odors.
Removing chlorine from showering
water reduces the presence of
skin rashes and the appearance of
wrinkles. Because the hair is able
to preserve its natural moisturizing
oils, it becomes softer and healthier
when chlorine is removed from
showering water.
July/Aug 2013