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Activity Ideas
To Do at Home:
Set up a restaurant
Decide on a three course meal and ask your
children to create proper menus with prices.
They can dress the table and ask dad to take his
seat when he returns from work.
Colour/shape sorting
If you have a million and one things to do and
no time to do it, give your kids a container
with plastic spoons, forks, buttons, yarn,
anything you have at home and ask them to
sort these by colour.
Little chefs
Start off with something simple like sugar
free jelly and work your way up to more
challenging dishes like cake. You could set a
cooking task for each week and invite a group
of their friends round to sample the result.
It also offers a great way to teach your child
about food and the importance of healthy
Build a tent
Tents are inspirational places for role-play
and imaginative activities. Simply stand four
chairs together and use sheets and blankets
to make the roof, door and floor. If you have
enough space, you could even use tables, stools
and other furniture to create little rooms and
sections inside.
Make play dough
Mix together one cup of plain flour, half a cup
of salt and two tablespoons of cream of tartar,
then add a cup of water and mix until smooth.
Add a dash of food coloring followed by two
tablespoons of oil and cook on a medium heat,
stirring constantly until the dough forms a ball
for toxic-free play dough.
Tidy up days
Create tidy up days for all the family to
participate in. You can have a complete house
overhaul or focus on individual rooms by
moving furniture around or adding shelves/
new pictures or photographs. It’s an easy,
practical way to multi-task by keeping the kids
entertained and ensuring the house looks its
Role play games
Keep a big bag or box ready with over-sized
clothes, hats, shoes, dresses; everything that
can help your child become a princess or
pirate. Let them choose and enjoy the fun of
role playing.
Make a collection bag
Give your child a bag and ask them to
collect things on their way. Whether its
grass and leaves from the back garden or
sand and pebbles from the local beach,
they’ll enjoy exploring their surroundings
and trying to find unusual, interesting items
to put in their bag.
Messy play
Shaving foam, soapy water, corn flour...there
are fun and easy ways to enjoy messy play -
both indoors and out. Get your tot to help you
make the mixture and pile it all into a bowl
or plastic table where they can squeeze the
mixture through their fingers and make little
sculptures and shapes. This helps them learn
and experiment with textures and materials.
July/Aug 2013