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Maryam is an IT expert in Dubai who says
her fitness routine see-saws during Ramadan.
“My normal fitness routine is a daily morning
and evening walk for half an hour each as well
as three days a week of pilates at the gym. But
it all comes to a standstill in Ramadan. I have
never been able to make myself do more than
Fasting during Ramadan most likely means a shift in daily routine - from our
working hours to the way we manage our leisure time. But one routine that does
not have to radically change during your fast is your fitness routine.
takes a closer look at how we can stay fit, trim and healthy even in Ramadan.
a bit of walking after my Iftar. What if I get
dizzy?” she asks.
Many of us are the same and simply take a
month-long break from our fitness routines
during Ramadan. But Scott Garrett, Sports
and Recreational Manager at Body and
Soul Health Club and Spa dispels this myth
and reinforces that an individual should
partake in at least three 30-minute workouts
per week. “In fact, by stopping or reducing
physical activity during Ramadan, a person’s
metabolism could actually decrease and result
in burning calories slower than normal,” he
July/Aug 2013