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For the very first time, Forbes Middle East
proudly presented the list of Top 100 Indian
Leaders in the U.A.E. These rankings are based
on the information collated on some of the most
influential Indian business leaders residing or
operating the Emirates. This latest ranking
considers courageous individuals who founded
their enterprises, influential business owners and
top C-level executives who are shaping and driving
MSD Brings New Hope to Couples in the
UAE Struggling to Conceive
An estimated one in six couples in the UAE face fertility issues
Dubai, UAE—May 21, 2013-
-– Today, during an event hosted
at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai,
MSD announced the launch of
a new fertility treatment; Elonva
(Corifollitropin alfa), expected
to bring new hope to thousands
of couples across the country.
Already a global issue, infertility
affects an estimated 48.5 million
couples around the globe already.
In medical terms, a couple is
considered to have fertility issues,
if they are unable conceive after
one year of unprotected, well-timed
intercourse or after six months
if a woman is 35 or older. For
many patients the only hope of
conceiving is through IVF therapy
an intensive and expensive therapy
which requires daily injections
of gonadotropin to stimulate
the development of egg cells.
Considered to be one of the biggest
breakthroughs in the treatment of
infertility in the last 10 years, the
new treatment option will allow
patients to take a single injection
of Corifollitropin Alfa, over the
course of a week, rather than the
daily injection of gonadotropin,
traditionally prescribed.
Noviderm introduces expert skin care
range for sensitive skin
Dubai, May 5, 2013: Summers are
an important time to pay attention
to your skin. The sudden changes in
temperature during shifts from being
indoors to outdoors cause dryness
and reactivity of the skin. For sensitive
skin, it is important to use the right
ingredients which would strengthen
the tolerance threshold of the skin
and ensure protection against the
harsh environmental exposures. With
a variety of skin problems causing
discomfort, tightness, prickling or
overheating, it is vital to use skin care
products which particular suit sensitive
skin, and are safe to use.
Noviderm, a leading French brand
of premium dermo-cosmetic
solutions, takes up the concept
of responsible dermatology, and
introduces the Sérénactiv range
for the skin. The Noviderm
Sérénactiv range, comprising of
hygiene and skin care products,
offers an optimum solution for the
treatment of sensitive and reactive
skin, with or without redness. The
range is specially developed for the
treatment of sensitive and reactive
skin which has a normal appearance
but reacts in an aggravated manner
to stresses that are usually well
tolerated, such as cold, heat or wind.
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their companies’ success. Counting among Forbes
Middle East’s Indian “founding forces” is a diverse
mix of company founders and business owners
who continue to set the standard.
Mr. Thumbay Moideen received the special award
for his contribution in the field of healthcare from
the Guest of Honor & Keynote Speaker H.E. Dr.
Shashi- Tharoor, Minister of State for Human
Resource Development, Government of India
and Dr. Nasser Al Tayyer, Vice Chairman and
Managing Director of Al Tayyer Travel Group and
President of Arab Publisher House.
“The vision of Thumbay Group is to be one of
the biggest Corporates with a global presence in
the next seven years”, commented Mr. Thumbay
July/Aug 2013