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Skin Test
If you think that you
might have allergies,
a special doctor
called an allergist
(say: ah-lur-jist) can
help figure out what
you are allergic to
by giving you a skin
test. For this test,
the doctor will use
different liquids,
each containing a
small amount of stuff
that a person can
be allergic to, such
as pollen or certain
foods. The doctor
puts a drop of each
liquid on your arm
or back and then
lightly pricks the
skin. If you get a red,
itchy bump there,
you’ll know you’re
White Blood Cells
White blood cells are part of the
germ-fighting immune system.
They are like little warriors floating
around in your blood waiting to
attack invaders, like viruses and
bacteria. You have several types of
white blood cells and each has its
own special role in fighting off the
different kinds of germs that make
people sick.
Foods with fiber are really good
for you and your bowels! Fiber
is found in plants and can’t be
digested so it helps clean out
yourintestines by moving bowel
movements (also called poop)
along. It’s important to eat fiber so
try some bran muffins instead of
chocolate. Another way to get fiber
is to eat more brown rice, fruit,
and oatmeal. Fiber can be good for
you and yummy, too!
Water your
This App reminds
you to drink water
every day and tracks
your water drinking
You only need
to enter your
current weight and
will help you to
determine how
many water your
body need everyday.
When you have
finished drinking a
cup of water, you will
need to add a cup in
the app to indicate
your consumption.
My Net Diary
MyNetDiary is the
easiest to use and
most comprehensive
diet app available on
the Android Market.
With over 40 screens
and a 510,000+
foods database,
Calorie Counter
PRO brings all of
their top-ranked
paid features from
iPhone and iPad
apps to Android to.
Includes free website
access for online
food entry and
backup. Our 100%
ad-free app keeps
you focused on what
matters most - your
calorie plan.
Insight Timer Meditation Timer
Imagine the sound of beautiful Tibetan
singing bowls, gently and peacefully
guiding you through your meditation
session. Your attention focused inward with
no need to worry about the clock…
Insight Timer gives you this and whole
lot more. It’s simple enough to get started
with just a few taps, yet powerful enough
to handle the most sophisticated mediation
routines with advanced features such as
interval bells, presets and a meditation
With the Insight Connect feature, you
can join a global meditation community -
seeing at a glance people around the world
who are meditating with you - including
your friends.
There are over 100 groups for various types
of practice, making it easy to connect with
others who share your spiritual path.
July/Aug 2013