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Jumeirah Beach Road, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Park
P.O.Box 71444, Dubai-UAE. Tel 3420000 4 971+
Fax 24 • 3420007 4 971+ Hour Emergency 3157777 4 971+ •
We are Always One Step Ahead
Thanks to our through insight into modern
technical and medical innovations, our hospital
has been recognized for the 10th years running as
the first private specialized hospital of its kind in
the UAE to offer a full comprehensive service in
Indeed, our services ranges from the most
accurate diagnostic procedure to the best available
conservative and surgical therapy/rehabilitation for
adults and children.
At Neuro Spinal Hospital, our expertise extends to
cover all of your neurosurgical, neurological and
orthopaedics needs, All under one roof:
• Back and Neck Pain Clinic
• Spine Surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Neurology
• Neurophysiology
• Joint Replacement Surgery
• Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Surgery
• General and Laparoscopic Surgery
• Urology and Neurourology
• Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
• Comprehensive Neurorehabilitation,
Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy
• Comprehensive Neurorehabilitation and
Physiotherapy Services with Hydrotherapy
• 24 Hour General Emergency Services
Ad. License No:١٢-١١-١٩-١٠-٢-٢٦١٨.