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Book Club

Madeline Young


Ajman writes: “I am an avid

reader of your magazine

and really enjoy the wide

variety of content. How-

ever, I noticed there is no

book section either in the

form of a literary club or

book reviews. I personally

would like to see this as too

little time is spent reading

these days and book sug-

gestions would be a great

addition to your magazine.”

The editor responds:

“Great idea Madeline! This

is definitely something to

consider for the next is-

sue. Keep your suggestions


Healthy Recipes

Archana Joyce

from Dubai writes:

“I’m writing to appreciate your team for

the wonderful additions to the maga-

zine. The layout is simple and classy.

The range of topics you cover are vast.

I’m impressed that you stick to the

tried, tested and expert opinion rather

than go for outlandish views just to cre-

ate sensationalism. When people are

promoting ridiculous, unfounded and

downright dangerous dietary fads; your

recipe section is healthy and nutritious.

It would be great if you could mention

serving sizes and an approximate nu-

tritional profile of your recipes as this

is something people generally struggle

with. It is also thoughtful of you to pub-

lish the magazine bilingually. Kudos.”

The editor responds:


Archana. This issue has a some great

recipes as well as health tips. Keep your

feedback coming!”

Letters to the Editor

HEALTH invites readers to send in comments and suggestions

to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…


Lily Diamond

from Shar-

jah writes: “I really liked the

new section entitled ‘Movers

and Shakers’. It’s very inspira-

tional for someone like me

who aspires to build my own

brand and start a business in

the next year or so. I enjoyed

reading about the journey

and hope to read many more

stories similar to this.”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Lily. The team at

HEALTH and myself endeav-

or to continually evolve and

put together a magazine

that is both interesting to

read and informative at the

same time.”


Sep/Oct 2016