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If the answer to these questions
is a resounding ‘Yes’, then here is an easy way to
achieve optimum health and well-being.
Louise had failed one
more time; this was diet
number 565 that didn’t work.
Louise came from a small village
in Italy where white bread, pasta
and high fat food was served daily
in her home. Even though Louise
knew that this kind of food did not
ft her lifestyle of sitting in front of
a computer all day, she couldn’t
imagine her life without her
family’s traditional dishes.
If you knew how to succeed in reaching your goals,
would you put your dreams into action?
If you knew you needed neither motivation nor self discipline
to maintain a new lifestyle,
would you do it?
Sep/Oct 2011
Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir
Inspirational Speaker, Health and Wellness Coach, Life coach
Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer