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Sep/Oct 2011
A new behavior and
thinking pattern can
be integrated in only
30 days, if repeated
daily. When new
neuro-pathways are
created this way, they
become as powerful
and easy to maintain
as the old ones.
Decide what you want. How much
weight you want to lose, what size of
clothes do you want to ft in, how ft do
you want to become, how do you want
to look like and how do you want to feel?
You need to have a clear picture of what
you want before you start. All creations
start with a thought and your weight loss
is no different.
Analyze if there is anything standing
in the way of achieving your goal right
now? Do you lack time, motivation or
knowledge? Is your physical health
standing in your way? Does your
circumstance make it diffcult for you
to change your lifestyle? Remember if
there is a will there is a way. Try to fnd
solutions to what is standing in your way.
Analyze what is your beneft of unhealthy
eating habits and having an unhealthy
lifestyle. Does food help you to relax?
Does it give you pleasure?  Do you eat
when you socialize or do you eat when
you are depressed? Do you enjoy the TV
more than the treadmill? Analyze how
your lifestyle today is benefting you. If
something feels really uncomfortable to
you, you won’t do it or at least not for
STEP 4  
Keep a food diary, analyzing what it is
in your diet that you need to change to
achieve your goal. You might need to see
a nutritionist to assist you in identifying
your bad habits.  Remember going on
a strict diet is changing or creating too
many neuro-pathways at ones. Also
most people associate negative feelings
to diets (look at the frst 3 letters DIE,
no wonder your subconscious mind
doesn’t like it). And lastly, too restricted
kcal intake only results in a lowered
metabolic rate resulting in obesity and
other health problems.
After analyzing your diet and your
behavior in general you now have a
better understanding why you eat
unhealthily and why you don’t exercise.
Decide what else, besides changing your
diet, you can do to lose weight. Exercise,
meditate, educate yourself, engage in
non food related pleasurable activities
Create a 4 week plan where you decide
which habits you want to work on each
week. Remember it is by changing only
a few at a time that makes the process
easy and sustainable. Create as many
categories as you
like. For example
you can create one
diet category,
one ftness
category, one for education, meditation,
fun activities and so on. Then decide
which habits, behaviors you want to
work on for the next 4 weeks. Decide on
1-2 goals in each category for each week.
Sometimes I fnd it easier after I have
created the action plan to just set goals
for one week at a time. That gives you
the opportunity to assess your progress
every week and from there decide on
how to continue.  Below is an example of
a weekly plan:
Diet category:
Eat every 2-3 hours, Eat
smaller portions and nothing in between
Fitness category:
Exercise 3x this
week, Mon, Wed and Friday at 6pm in
my home gym.