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Sep/Oct 2011 11
Direct your focus towards what you
want instead of what you don’t want.
What you focus on is what you get.
If you are constantly thinking about
the food you should be avoiding it
becomes very hard to resist. Also if your
cupboards are flled with junk food it is
costing you extra unnecessary effort to
resist unhealthy food. Make available to
you what is healthy, fll your fridge with
healthy foods, go to restaurants that
serve healthy food and plan ahead if you
are going to a party or a movie.  Most
importantly remember that nothing is
direct access to your subconscious mind
and make that process easier.
Reward yourself every week for your
achieved goals. You can ask your family
or friends to celebrate with you or you
can decide to treat yourself in any way
you like. Do something you enjoy doing
that is not connected to eating. Your
success shouldn’t be measured by
how much weight you lost that week
but rather how well you managed to
stick to your goals. You will lose weight
eventually if you stick to your plan.
forbidden, you are not on a diet so you
should only commit to goals you feel
ready to achieve every week.   
If you feel addicted to certain foods
or you fnd it diffcult to change any
behavior related to your weight loss,
you can see an NLP practitioner or a
Hypnotherapist to change how you feel
about that food or that behavior. An NLP
practitioner or hypnotherapist can gain
If you follow those 10 steps
one at the time, you cant fail.
Remember that Rom wasn’t
build over night and changing
your lifestyle and your attitudes
also takes time. It might take less
time than building Rom but you
will never sustain a new healthy
lifestyle if you attempt to change
all your habits it over night.
Read X book on nutrition 1
hour every day
Every morning before
going to work
Meet friends on Monday night and
Friday night
Start with goals you fnd easy to achieve
as this will increase your confdence in
succeeding. Every time you succeed
in achieving your goals you feel more
desire and motivation to continue.
Decide to work on deeply rooted and
emotionally loaded habits later when you
feel ready and confdent in yourself.
Use visualization every day to facilitate
the process of changing. See yourself
in your imagination standing in front
of a mirror looking and feeling the way
you want. Visualizing will slowly affect
your behaviour, your beliefs, and your
self-esteem. Using visualization creates
a new level of motivation, helps you stay
focused on your plan and helps you feel
good about the changes you are going
help might be
an effective way
of changing
your lifestyle.
A lifestyle
consultant or
coach can help
you set goals.
He/She can also
give you tools
to facilitate
the process of