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Most people look forward to the coffee break!
Coffee and other caffeinated beverages may
give you the temporary boost that you think
you may need to get you through the rest
of the day, but too much of it can leave you
feeling agitated, and it can disrupt the good
night of rest that is needed to begin the next
day feeling fresh and alert.
Let us try a healthier and more
refreshing approach. Nature has
provided everything that you need to
restore your energy and focus. It is as
inexpensive and as readily available
as the cup of java that is brewing in
the break-room. It requires little to no
preparation and it leaves no mess to
clean up, no cups to wash, it is easy on
the nervous system, and it is nutritious
as well as delicious. “What? There is
something better than coffee?” you
ask. Yes, friends, apples, bananas, and
peanut butter! One small apple or a
sliced banana with a tbsp of peanut
butter contains only about 100 calories
or 15g of carbohydrates, and gives you
the energy that you need to get through
that tough period in the day.
Hummus spread on four whole grain
crackers can pack quite a wallop since
the crackers’ carbohydrates and the fber
found in hummus are some of nature’s
greatest energy boosters. It tastes great,
and it can relieve the hunger pangs that
may cause you to eat a large lunch that
can leave you feeling listless and lazy.
Dried fruit and nuts are rich in fber,
and they help to produce that last little
energy boost that is needed around
the last few hours of a hectic workday.
It is easily stored in a little baggie in
your briefcase or purse and can be
enjoyed while commuting to your next
appointment, or even discreetly at your
Protein, grains, and fruit can go a long
way in helping to boost your midday
energy levels so you may want to take
6 oz of plain low fat yogurt and add
in a tsp of granola and a few berries
or slices of banana. Once again this
food combination will go a long way in
carrying you through the rest of your day
with ease.
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