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Some of
the food
should be included
in diet to promote
hair growth are
2. One can suffer
from hair loss or
brittle hair
in case a low
protein diet is taken. Legumes such
as lentils and kidney beans should be
included in the diet because these
substances are needed to get proteins
required for the growth of hair. These
also contain minerals such as zinc, iron
and biotin, which are needed for the
hair to stay shiny. Biotin also reduces
the brittleness of hair. Zinc is also found
in adequate amount in lamb and beef.
Zinc and iron is also found in whole
grains such as whole grain breads and
3. To increase
intake of proteins
in diet one should take chicken and
turkeys’. It also contains iron. Eggs are
also good source of proteins and one
can get enough amount of vitamin B12
in diet by taking eggs.
4. Fish such as
is rich in protein and
omega 3 fatty acids. It is a good source
of vitamin B 12 and proteins.
5. Water is
for keeping the body
hydrated and to keep the skin and hair
nourished. Low water in body can make
the skin and hair dry.
6. Fibers should
included in diet such as
vegetables, legumes and grains.
7. A good amount
of phyto-estrogen
is found in soy and soymilk and it
should be taken frequently in diet.
8. Dark green
such as
spinach and broccoli contain a good
amount of vitamin A and C. These
vegetables help the body to create
sebum which is the oily substance
found below the hair follicle.
9. One can suffer
from hair loss
by poor blood circulation to scalp and
to improve blood circulation include
ginger, gingko and garlic in diet. One
can improve blood circulation by doing
certain exercises or yoga asana.
10. Limited
amount of carrots
can be taken to increase the amount
of vitamin A. It is helpful in improving
the texture of scalp and it also promotes
good vision.
11. One should
not try to lose
excess weight in a short period as it
may affect the hair growth. A very low
calorie diet can cause malnutrition and
it may affect the health of hair.
by doing
exercises or
yoga asana.
hair loss caused
by poor blood
1. Wholegrain
food products
required to provide minerals to
the body. Nuts provide both minerals
and vitamins. Nuts such as walnuts and
Brazil nuts contains selenium which
is needed to keep the scalp healthy.
Nuts such as almonds and cashew nuts
provides the body with zinc, which is
needed for the prevention of hair fall.
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