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Individuals who tend to forget even the smallest of details face a
lot of problems in their day to day lives.
But don’t forget that there are so many ways through which you can
Experts state that if
you want to remember
something then you have
to concentrate on it for at
least 8 seconds.
This is one of the
main reasons why every memory expert
places a lot of stress upon the importance
of adopting exercises for concentration.
In essence, one of the biggest reasons
behind not remembering something is
due to the fact that you never actually
stored it within your memory at all.
Everybody will sometimes take of their
glasses or drop their keys and then fnally
not be able to remember their location.
Thus, you end up wasting so much
time just trying to fgure out where you
put them. Now if you’d been paying
concentration, you would never have
lost the keys or the glasses in the frst
place. The real reason behind forgetting
things is a weak memory which is the
result of mostly lack of concentration.
One of the most basic methods of
improving one’s memory is to just pay
concentration to what’s happening
around you.
Sep/Oct 2011