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and see what you think. Here’s how
to further strengthen the delicate
eye tissue: First ONLY USE YOUR
RING FINGERS when you apply eye
treatments and when you perform
this exercise. Dot a rich under eye
treatment, under your eyes. Begin at
the outer edge of both eyes using your
ring fngers; bring the fngertips under
the eyes now up and around under the
brow until a full circle has been made.
Continue around the eyes about 100
times making sure that the area remains
well lubricated. Now, pick up that mirror
and smile. Do you see how the smile
lines have dissipated? Do this every day.
3) Everyone knows
that sleep is vitally
because that is
when the body regenerates itself but
younger looking eyes require that you
sleep on a higher, frmer pillow to assist
the body in alleviating puffness. And,
if you’re drinking adult beverages at
night, you’ll want to fush your body
with additional water before bedtime so
that when you awaken, the telltale signs
of wine are not present on your face.
4) Wear sunglasses
year round.
No matter if
you slather sunscreen and wear a broad
brimmed hat, your eyes will appreciate
the added protection sunglasses
provide. Never leave home without
them, even if you’re enjoying a cloud
covered day. And choose the brands
that offer the best protection from
penetrating rays.
5) Stop smoking
Smoking robs
your body of nutrients and smoking
especially seems to have a drying
effect on our skin. Most people will
crinkle their eyes and even make
a distasteful grimace when they’re
puffng so do what you can to stop this
health threatening habit now. You’ll be
delighted that you kicked the habit!
So many women have given up on their eyes. They’ve stopped wearing eye
shadow, their mascara is non-existent and they hide behind glasses just
hoping that no one will notice that they’re not quite put together.
Sagging eyes, puffy eyes, lined eyes, tired eyes and crow’s feet, under eye bags and dark circles tell
the world that you have been neglecting yourself but if you
follow these tried and true
methods, you will see improvement in just days. 
1) Eye brows drop
with age and facial
will stop the
downward slide and help to correct
the look of tired that makes us look old.
Here’s how you can lift your eye brows
and brighten your eyes:  Relax the brow
area, place your three middle fngers
directly under the eyebrows. Drop the
palms of your hands fat against your
face. Push your eyebrows upward and
slightly outwards. Hold your eyebrows in
this position with your eyes open. Now
push your forehead muscle down into
the fngertips for a count of fve.  Repeat
three times for a total count of 35; at the
7th second, gently close your eyes. 
2) So many men
and women display
not only dark
but crows’ feet and
wrinkles around the eyes when they
smile. Take a look in your mirror, smile
6) Eyelashes that
appear thin do not
enhance your eyes.
Rather than resort to chemically laden
preparations that purport to grow lashes,
you can stimulate the growth of thin
lashes every time you wash your hair
and your face. Just lather your fngertips
with a gentle cleanser then lightly and
gently scrub your lashes for about ten
seconds. It won’t be long until you see
that your lashes and thickening and
7) Curl your
A little curl gives
a fnished look to your face so before you
use mascara; crimp those lashes so your
eyes appear more open. 
Expressive, radiant beautiful eyes can
be yours when you spend just a few
minutes each day mindfully caring for
them. These are little changes that can
add up to big rewards.
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