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We all know smoking is very
dangerous and can cause
many different cancers.
This may be why you are
curious to know if hypnosis
to quit smoking works.  You
may have already tried the
patches, pills, gum, or many
other products that promise
to teach you how to quit
smoking, but they did not
work for you.  Recent studies
have proven that hypnosis to
quit smoking does work.  It
can be a very effective tool to
help manage your nicotine
addiction and get you away
from the cigarette smoking
habit.  If you are interested
in becoming healthier, then
you need to understand some
of the reasons why hypnosis
works to help you quit
A Few of the Reasons Why
Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
Granted learning how to quit smoking
with hypnosis will not work for
everybody; experts have proven the
success rate to be about 2 out of 3
smokers.  This means you will have a
better chance to actually quit when
you use hypnosis.  Comparing this
success rate to about 1 out of 4 with
other nicotine replacement programs,
it is easy to see that hypnosis can help
you quit. When you become hypnotized
you will be in an altered state mentally.
This is a state where you will be most
susceptible to the suggestion of quitting
the current habit of smoking. Your
subconscious is the most powerful part
of your mind and when using hypnosis
a trained professional will be able to
reprogram your thoughts about smoking.
The only way the high 66% success rate
of hypnosis can be guaranteed is if it is
done properly.  This is not something to
have done by an amateur.  You will be
relying heavily on the hypnotherapists
you choose and you want to make sure
you get a professional with a proven
track record.  If you don’t, then you may
not be able to quit simply because your
hypnotherapists doesn’t know what they
are doing.
One of the main reasons people don’t
use hypnosis to quit smoking is the
cost. It is not going to be as cheap as
the gum, the patches, or other programs
to help you quit.  Many insurance plans
won’t cover hypnosis to help you quit
smoking, but some will.  In this case you
can use self-hypnosis or subliminal CDs
to help you kick the habit. This is one of
the best cost effective alternatives and
it is much more affordable than actually
paying for the sessions. However, if
money is not an issue and you can
afford to see a hypnotherapist , then you
should.  They will be able to do much
more for you in less time than many of
the self-hypnosis programs can.
The Process Used for
Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
Typically your frst appointment with
a hypnotherapist will be used to
evaluate your current state and assess
your needs.  You are not going to quit
smoking after just one session and it
takes more than just one time to quit
the habit completely.  IT is an ongoing
process of using hypnotherapy that
can help to eliminate your addiction
to smoking.  If you fnd a place that
promises to help you quit smoking
after just one session you should avoid
them.  These types of hypnotherapists
are rarely successful in delivering on
their promises and you are most likely
going to be disappointed with this type
of session.
Make sure you get a hypnotherapist
who understands your goal of quitting
and can get you there with more than
one session. Make sure you choose the
right person for the job and if you don’t
have some type of connection with the
hypnotherapist it will be hard to trust
them.  Having the right amount of trust
is very important because without it you
may not get the results you are looking
for.  Take your time and make sure you
are comfortable with the person you
Besides the fact that
hypnosis to quit
smoking does work
it is also one of the
most natural ways to
kick the habit.  You
won’t have to worry
about any side effects
like you may have to
experience with pills
and other things to help
you quit smoking. With
hypnosis the only side
effect will be no longer
spending money on
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