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Reveals your
now know that
something as
common as a
person’s hair and
its overall condition
is a good indicator
of that person’s
overall health
condition. Similarly
other indicators
include the nails
and skin. These
might seem a bit
superfcial, but they
are good indicators
as well in how
healthy a person
really is.
The skin is by far one of the best
ways to tell if you are healthy or not.
Coloration of the skin alone can be a
signifcant indicator of anemia and
also issues with oxygen intake. Any
long-term change in the coloring of
a person’s skin should be reported to
their primary health care physician. Of
course, color is not the only way that
skin can tell you what may be going
on and another key indicator that skin
can provide you with is temperature. If
circulation is reduced to a specifc area
of the body then this region will most
likely feel not only colder to the touch
but will also likely lack the same type
of elasticity that other parts of the body
Nails are also a fne indicator of skin
issues, heart problems, and even oxygen
and immune defciencies. Things
that can be seen are issues such as
ridges and pits and even underlying
discoloration and fungus. These
indicators can be very serious tell tale
signs of a more serious underlying health
issue that the body is experiencing.
Hair is often viewed as the least way
of the group to notice tell tale signs
and will indicate hydration, eating
disorder and other diseases and health
problems associated with hair loss. This
is a good sign to look for because it is
a very noticeable sign that the body is
not functioning properly and that these
unexpected changes should be brought
to the attention of your doctor.
Understanding the ways in which
these external regions of the body can
clue you into more serious underlying
health problems can help you gain a
better understanding for your body
as a uniquely functioning system. All
the parts are connected and function
together and as a result many health
issues can be seen in the different
systems throughout the body. Health
occurs from the inside out and
understanding this will help you to better
affect your body for the better and also
comprehend the warning signals that it
is sending you.
Sep/Oct 2011