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1. One may take 2-3 apples
a day. This raises the
iron content and is
a simple solution for
2. Daily intake of beet juice
is a cure for anemia.
3. Two baths with cold
water can effectively
treat anemia.
4. Four dried fgs may be
taken daily. It will restore
Symptoms of
Getting fatigued easily
Looking pale
Shortness of breath
Hair loss
Weakening of heart
and worsening of
cardiac problems.
the health of an anemic.
5. Sunlight stimulates and
triggers red blood cells.
Therefore sunbaths are
very good for anemic.
6. A mixture of lemon,
honey and apple cider
vinegar may be taken
every morning in empty
stomach. This is an
effective home remedy
for anemia.
7. Consumption of mashed
banana mixed with
honey may be taken
daily to raise blood level.
8. One may soak 7 almonds
overnight, peel off the
skin next morning,
and make a paste. One
spoonful of the paste
may be taken daily.
9. A glass of tomato juice
may be taken daily. It
is an effective home
10. Protein rich non
vegetarian diet is
recommended for
anemic, for it supplies
the body with Vitamin
11. Cooking in iron vessels
signifcantly increases
the iron content in food,
and is good for anemic.
12. Massaging is a benefcial
remedy, for it helps in
maintaining high blood
content in body.
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