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the laser can detect the darker
pigments easier than it can detect
the lighter colored pigment found
in natural blondes or hair with no
pigment such as white or gray hair.
When you go to a laser spa, the
technician will use the appropriate
laser for your skin pigmentation and
apply it to the area that you want
treated. Regardless of which type
of laser your laser spa technician
uses, the actual laser technology is
basically the same.
The laser works by pulsating waves
of energy over your treatment area,
which is then absorbed by the hair
follicle and transformed into heat
which in turn then destroys the hair
follicle at the root. This prevents
any future hair growth once the hair
follicle root has been permanently
destroyed. What many people don’t
realize is that hair grows in three
different stages and it can only
be successfully treated to prevent
regrowth when it is in the fnal
growth stage. Many clients of the
laser spa may question why, if laser
treatment is so successful, that it
takes multiple visits for permanent
hair removal results. The answer is
actually simple science.
Since hair grows at different stages
in different rates, it is highly unlikely
that all of the hairs in your treatment
area will be in the same growth
stage at the same time. Laser
treatment will successfully destroy
the hair follicles of some hair in the
appropriate growth stage however
you will need follow-up treatment
as other hair reaches the third and
fnal stage retreatment. It can take
up two or more visits before the laser
spa has successfully treated your
unwanted hair growth permanently
and successfully.
Despite multiple
visits, the end results
are well worth the
effort and time they
take to achieve.
Once you have
eliminated unwanted
hair growth, you can
concentrate your
efforts on other things
such as improving
your skin.
is a successful technology that has been
used in cosmetic procedures for both
men and women of all ethnicities and
ages. Men as well as women have been
reaping the benefts of laser treatment for
unwanted hair since the procedure was
frst developed commercially in the 1990s.
A laser spa is one of best place to go for a
variety of cosmetic procedures, including
unwanted hair removal.
There are four different types of lasers
that can be used when it comes to
permanent hair removal and each one is
designed to treat different types of skin
Clients with darker skin, for example,
need a laser with a longer wavelength
in order to destroy the hair follicle and
stop unwanted hair growth. On the other
hand, clients with lighter skin need
shorter laser wavelengths to achieve the
same goal.
Lasers are very successful in stopping
unwanted hair growth for most people,
although people with darker hair tend
to have more successful results because
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