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The Perfect solution against lice, nymphs & nits
One application only safe & easy to use excellent tolerability
How to use :
NYDA® should be applied to dry hair, Spray
NYDA® carefully over the whole hair. Massage the
solution in well with lice comb until hair is completely
wetted with the solution Leave NYDA® on for at least
30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, comb hair carefully using a lice
Do not wash out ! Leave the hair to dry for at
least 8 hours, continue combing until no eggs or lice
found in combing residue.
Wash out hair with normal shampoo.
Easy for use. If reinfected, can be repeated.
1-Free From Pesticide & Chemicals
2-Once Application Only
3-100% Killing Of Lice, Numph & Nits
4-Non Toxic
5-Convenient Spray Formula
Don`t worry