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Alisha Moopen,
Director of Corporate
Affairs, DM Healthcare said, “Medical tourism
used to traditionally mean a practice where
people from developed economies go to other
areas of the world usually where they can find
similar or better levels of care for lesser cost.
Over the last ten years, UAE has paid particular
attention to bringing the healthcare experience
here in line with international standards both
in terms of clinical outcome as well as overall
management from start to finish. The private
players in the UAE market have excellent
facilities in terms of being equipped with the
latest technologies which offer clients the new
and innovative solutions that are not readily
available elsewhere. UAE with its good quality
of life and good weather for most part of the
year has managed to attract very prominent
and skilled doctors from all over the world such
as Europe, India and the Americas to name a
few. Here at Medcare, we are proud to boast
that we have many high profile doctors who
have been working with us for over 6 years now.
Therefore, this combination of good manpower
staffing of doctors, nurses, and paramedical
staff from reputed institutions all over the
world with the increasing interest in UAE
through its well established reputation of being
an unparalleled holiday destination makes it
a very attractive place for patients especially
from other neighboring Arab countries such
as Iraq, Saudi etc to come to UAE. There are
also many cases coming from African regions
where they do not have satisfactory facilities
available. UAE also sees some inflow of patients
from the west too who come to UAE for
medical attention either because of the costs
involved in their home country or because
the wait list for elective surgeries may be very
long. Another advantage that UAE has with
attracting interest is that it is a relatively safe
place unlike developing countries where the
crime rates are depressingly high. As English
is the main mode of communication in Dubai;
this again increases the pool of patients who
would be keen to avoid places where travelling
and language may pose as a barrier. This way,
apart from the top notch medical attention
provided, UAE has created a mark for itself
where this is coupled with the best hospitality
which makes the whole experience right from
the guest relations manager to the nurses,
support staff etc all a memorable experience.”
She added, “Medcare has a very strong
Orthopaedic and spine hospital which is a
specialty hospital set up in 2012. We have
medical practitioners on board who are
leading practitioners in orthopaedic and
spine disciplines, with equal concentration in
medical and surgical practice with advanced
training in a wide range of Orthopedic
subspecialities. Some of the popular surgeries
are Arthroscopies, Hip/ joint replacement to
name a few. We have subspecialists in areas
such as paediatric surgeons, hand surgeon,
spine surgeons to give our patients the
best care possible. Apart from orthopaedic
surgeries, we get many visitors to the region
coming to Medcare for executive or more
advanced health checkups which even includes
tests such as endoscopies/ mammography
etc. We have also noticed a general increase
in bariatric surgeries, and other cosmetic
procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks,
gastric banding etc. Medcare is opening a
woman and child hospital in early 2015 which
will be a centre of excellence for paediatric
as well as gynaecology, obstrectics as well
as wellness related procedures. We are also
currently in the process of setting up an IVF
centre as we feel that there is a large segment of
population that would like to go to a different
country for treatments such as IVF because
of sensitivity issues attached or because it
makes economic sense. Apart from these areas,
we also have a very strong ENT and general
surgery unit with many doctors trained in
laproscopic procedures which are less invasive
and with very little recovery time involved.”
Medcare has a dedicated team of guest
relationship managers that will be their point
of contact from when they send their enquiry
till the end of their visit. The important aspect
is to have all the logistical matters taken care of
so that the people who come in with medical
problems do not have to worry about getting
around in a new country with different culture
and rules. The close association and contact
with the relationship manager will ensure that
all their concerns are addressed in a timely
manner. Apart from getting appropriate
medical care, this personal attention and care
is what really sets Medcare apart in building
long lasting relationships and impressions with
our patients.
Headquartered in Dubai, the journey towards excellence in Healthcare was started by
Dr. Azad Moopen, a doctor turned entrepreneur, in 1987, with a small clinic in Dubai.
While celebrating 25 glorious years, DM Healthcare has grown exponentially to provide
quality healthcare at affordable cost to over 20,000 customers a day delivered across 5
countries, through 145 establishments, by 5500 dedicated doctors, nurses, pharmacists,
paramedics and support staff. Every year, it touches the lives of over 7 million patients.
In 2007, the Medcare arm of DM Healthcare was set up to bridge the gap in the market for
primary healthcare providers. They have a full-fledged Emergency Department, 25 Outpatient
consultation rooms, ICU, NICU, Delivery suites, Endoscopy Room and Day Surgery unit. The
Diagnostic Centre features advanced laboratory and imaging equipments like the Open MRI,
CT Scan, Mammography, 4D Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy. The Hospital offers both inpatient
and outpatient care which covers a wide range of Medical and Surgical Specialties. All the
departments are manned with highly experienced staff providing accurate reliable and prompt
care quality services of international standards.
Oct/Nov 2013