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Research Division
P.O. Box: 4184, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 6 7431333, Fax: +971 6 7480779 • Email:
Learn from the world
GMU Center for Statistical Consultation of Gulf Medical University
provides epidemiology and biostatistics consultation services to
researchers, academicians and university students, as well as to
academic, healthcare and pharmaceutical establishments.
Services Available
GMUCSC provides professional assistance in:
• Design of research studies
• Protocol development
• Data management
• Data analysis using appropriate statistical software
• Interpretation of research observations
• Preparation of thesis and dissertations
Workshops in Statistics
The Center offers workshop on topics in statistics, specifically
dealing with statistical tools commonly used by researchers.
Consultation Appointments
Please fill out the Request Form for Statistical Consultation
( research/downloads/gmucsc/
Statistical_Consultation_Request.pdf) and return it via fax/email to
the Research Division. You will receive a reply within two working
days regarding your appointment.
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