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It’s normal to feel sad
sometimes, but if you feel
that way for a long time,
and you never feel happy,
it’s called depression.
Sometimes, it’s hard to
figure out what’s causing a
person’s depression. One
thing’s for sure, though:
if you feel depressed or if
you think someone else
is depressed, talk to a
trusted grown-up about
The kidneys are a pair of
organs that filter waste
materials out of the
blood. The waste is passed
out out of the body as
urine. Kidneys produce
important hormones and
regulate blood pressure
and the levels of water,
salts, and minerals in the
body. Kidney damage can
occur in someone who
has had diabetes for many
years, especially if the
diabetes isn’t controlled.
You’ll find your kidneys on
either side of your spine,
just below the rib cage.
A microscope is a very
powerful magnifying glass.
The entire world - our
bodies included - are made
up of billions of tiny living
things that are so small
you can’t see them with
just your eyes. But with a
microscope, it’s possible to
examine the cells of your
body or a drop of blood.
By using a microscope to
see these things up close,
a doctor can spot cancer
cells, bacteria, and other
problems that could be
causing a person’s illness.
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Daily Ab Workout
Your own personal trainer wherever
you are!
• 5 to 10 minute ab-sculpting
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• On-screen instructions and timer
Daily Ab Workout is a great 5 to 10
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iPharmacy - Pill
Identifier and Drug
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Oct/Nov 2013