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How it Works: A refreshing and
whitening roll-on mask with a
fresh creamy texture that is easy
to apply & massage, this mask is
enriched with P.E.A.R.L. complex
for superior whitening power
effectively minimizes size and
the intensity of dark spots. The
cream features a roll-on applicator
that promotes microcirculation
and enhances the absorption of
whitening ingredients into the skin.
Price: Dhs 498 for 60 ml
Stockist: Guerlain counters
at the major cosmetics and
perfume outlets, Paris Gallery,
How it works: Clearly CorrectiveTMWhite Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream,
featuring the potent and powerful Activated C plus hydrating Glycerin and moisture-
enhancing Ceramide, is clinically-demonstrated to impart an overall improvement in
skin clarity. Clearly CorrectiveTMWhite Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream works to
aid in correcting visible uneven skin tone while helping to deter the appearance of new
pigmentation irregularities on skin’s surface, all while providing continuous 24-hour
hydration for instant luminosity and overall skin uniformity.
Price: Dhs 303
Stockist: Kiehl’s Boutique, Dubai Mall; Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall; Harvey
Nichols, Mall of the Emirates.
How it works: With its unique
fresh, gentle feel, this exfoliating
lotion is simply applied using a
cotton pad. Its formula, based
on very gentle fruit acids and
obtained from tamarind fruit,
breaks the intercellular links
that still join partially separated
surface cells and so encourages
their natural elimination. This
lotion leaves skin smoother,
softer and brighter and only
needs to be used once or twice
a week.
Price: Dhs 174
Stockist: Leading
retailers in the UAE
How it works: This is the world’s first clinical serum with Nano-Claire GY™, a
bio-engineered growth factor that helps replace vital nutrients lost with age. “h”
Serum recreates the essential energy of human growth hormones (hGH) naturally
produced in the body to speed up cellular turnover for youthful, healthy skin and is
a favorite amongst celebrities.
Price: Dhs 900
Stockist: Bloomingdale’s, the Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols, Mall of the
Kiehl’s Clearly CorrectiveTM White Deep
Moisture Clarifying Cream
Guerlain Blanc De Perle
brightening mask roll on
“h” Serum
Clarins Gentle
Renewing Brightening Peel
Oct/Nov 2013