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Iron Station
A novel ironing board, it solves the age-old problem of trying to find the right angle to
iron sleeves, pants legs, collars and other difficult-to-unwrinkle sections of garments.
Instead of just a regular board sized to hold a shirt, it comes with rotating arms that make
it easy to iron sleeves and pants legs, as well as a clamping feature that holds up your dress
shirt’s cuffs and collars for the perfect press. When folded in, the Iron Station is shaped just
like a traditional ironing board with a tripod stand that provides optimum stability. Once
you need to iron pants or sleeves, simply pull the pivoting arms out (it can be positioned in
numerous angles) and insert the appropriate parts of the clothes into their corresponding
Features include a sturdy steel metal frame, non-slip rubber feet, removable cotton board
covers (so you can wash them, of course), and a flat-folding mechanism that allows for
easy storage.
Mirror Cleaner
Mirror Cleaner, a stick-on wiper that lets you clean that fogged-up surface
without having to use your towel. Made by German designer Dewa Bleisinger,
it’s, basically, a windshield wiper for your bathroom mirror. The Mirror Cleaner
consists of a long rod with a silicone wiper on one side and a suction cup at
one end. Stick the suction cup to one corner of the mirror and move the rod in
quarter-circle motions until you have a good chunk of the mirror cleaned up. It
measures 36 x 5.5 4.5 cm and should be perfect for use with even smaller wall-
mounted mirrors
Frozzypack Lunchbox
Keep Food Chilled
If you don’t have access to a fridge wherever you’re going, the Frozzypack Lunchbox should
be your container of choice. While it looks just like any standard food container, the
Frozzypack has a trick up its sleeve: it can keep your food chilled and fresh for up to seven
hours all on its own. The Frozzypack Lunchbox doesn’t come with its own refrigeration unit,
of course. Instead, it uses a lid made with a cooling gel. Like other cooling gels, the lid needs
to be held in the freezer for an extended amount of time (the product page advises 10 hours
or more). It measures 20 x 13.5 x 8 cm and weighs 425 grams. Sold in blue, green and pink
lid colors, the Frozzypack Lunchbox is available from Firebox
Stove in a Can
It’s a portable stove housed inside a small can, just like a contained campfire. And
it blows a mean flame too able to boil water for your outdoor hydration needs in
as little as five minutes. Measuring the exact same size as a half-gallon can, Stove
in a Can is a fully-functional cooking platform that can cook most any item you’ll
normally prepare on a regular stove. The level of heat can be adjusted between
cooking sessions as well. The top frame can hold as much as 300 pounds on top
of it so you can cook a family-sized meal with no problems whatsoever. The pack
includes one stove, four fuel cells and a box of waterproof matches
Oct/Nov 2013