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Children who do better in a more
holistic method of learning will
struggle to find that in Dubai.
“Schools in Dubai also offer limited
support, in general, to those with
needs above or below the average,”
she says as children also need smaller
more intimate settings which have
more of a community base where each
teacher knows each child in the school
and in this way it can mimic a family
setting. Dubai schools, tells Benton,
are more like small cities than small
intimate settings.
What Parents Can Do
Talk and listen to your child. Ask
them how they are feeling and listen
to them as the reality is that they
may not be as anxious as you, or
they may have many fears.
Meet your child where they are
emotionally and offer your support
by listening and then validate their
Also help them feel prepared and
create a sense of excitement about
the new school year. Activities such
as uniform shopping, purchasing a
new lunch box and school bag can
be a big part of this process.
(Credit: Carmen Benton)
Children Joining
a New School:
Typical stressors include:
What does it look like?
Who will my teacher be?
Will I make any friends?
Benton’s advice: “Visit the school
and walk around, the office staff are
back several weeks before school.
Give your child a chance to go there
without all the other children there
to get a feel for the school, even if you
have visited it already. Have a look at
the photos of the teachers often posted
in the office or a year book and help
your child see that their teacher will
be either one of these people, or part
of this team. Talk with your child
about how to make new friends and
give them skills and strategies
Quick Tips For Parents to Alleviate
the First Day of School Stress:
• Go to bed early the night before. Have a calm and
peaceful few days before.
• Be prepared the night before: pack your school bag,
make your lunch and get your uniform out ready to go.
• Make sure you leave early that first day. It is essential to
be on time and not rushing, as this creates more stress.
• Try and ensure, as a parent, you can stay a little longer to
help with any settling in experiences.
Oct/Nov 2014