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From years of sun exposure to decades of slouching over our desks….
learns that despite these wellness mistakes, we can actually reverse the damage
and start afresh…here’s how…
Mistake 1
Years of Sun Exposure
We’re all guilty of it….sitting in the
sun for long hours without any SPF.
To explain, Dr. Jyothish George,
Specialist Dermatologist in Dubai’s
Prime Medical Center says that
UVA rays penetrate more deeply
into the skin and cause signs of
photo-aging which includes lines,
wrinkles, age spots, and broken
capillaries. The UVB rays are
shorter in length and are primarily
responsible for sunburn, blistering,
and skin cancer.
The Solution
Sunscreen is paramount in sun
safety and is usually divided
into two categories; physical and
chemical. Dr. George explains
that physical sunscreens are thick,
opaque substances that contain
titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or talc
as their active ingredients. While
these are very effective in blocking
both UVA and UVB radiation,
they are usually cosmetically
unappealing. Chemical sunscreens
are the most commonly used as
well as are the most effective and
include at least one of following
three ingredients; avobenzone,
zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
The label should specify “broad
spectrum,” which will protect you
from damage caused by both UVA
and UVB rays.
Mistake 2
Too Much Stress
Deadlines, work and life overall
can take a toll on us and while
experts agree that a little bit of
stress is good for us and can charge
our imagination and creativity,
however in the long run, prolonged
stress can be detrimental to our
Oct/Nov 2014