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BPA free plastics are fast
gaining recognition in
evolved markets all over
as people have become
more aware of the harmful
risks of exposure to BPA.
Bisphenol A is an industrial
chemical that is used in
making plastic products,
and research has shown that
this substance can seep into
food and beverages stored
in containers that are made
with BPA. Exposure to BPA
can be a major concern, as it
can have seriously adverse
health effects on people who
are exposed.
Aquaplus, a new and premium
introduction into the water market in
Dubai, is the first water in the UAE
to be packed in a 5 gallon BPA free
bottle for safer water consumption. 5
gallon bottles in UAE are constantly
recycled and transported in trucks
in the heat of Dubai which increases
the risk of exposure, making BPA
free plastic a huge factor to consider
when choosing your drinking water.
Aquaplus comes in a beautiful lilac
bottle instead of the regular blue, so
that you can differentiate it as the
only 5 gallon bottle in the UAE that
is a superior quality BPA free bottle.
Each Aquaplus bottle undergoes
rigorous quality control processes
that ensure fresh, delicious water sip
after sip.
Also it’s not just the packaging, but
the water as well that Aquaplus has
taken a step further in terms of
innovation. Aquaplus is an alkaline
water that offers real health benefits
in the form of better hydration,
improved detoxification and
increased metabolism. Aquaplus
uses an innovative water technology
which imparts beneficial alkaline
properties to the water. The water
is put through a natural process that
breaks the clusters into smaller sizes,
enabling the water to penetrate our
cells more quickly and efficiently.
This makes minerals and nutrients
much easier for your body to
absorb leaving you refreshed and
rejuvenated and helping your body
function most efficiently.
Alkaline water is a new concept in
the UAE, but it has already made a
huge headway in evolved markets
such as USA, Korea and Japan.
The world is now beginning to
understand the merits of an alkaline
lifestyle and achieving a balanced
body pH. To keep our body at its
optimal best, we need to maintain a
slightly alkaline pH. But if we look
at our modern diet and lifestyle, we
are exposed to countless influences
such as stress, negative emotions,
pollution, diet and bad sleep habits
that acidify our pH. A continuous
state of acidity in the body
continuously encourages decay and
disease. Most of us don’t realize that
we are going through life dehydrated.
Hydrating yourself with good quality
Alkaline water with the right mineral
balance goes a long, long way into
maintaining the right body pH.
Families in the
are exposed to the
best of products from all over
the world, but with
they have the choice of buying
a homegrown product, made in the UAE,
that is on par with the best international
brands. With the
unique nature
of the water
as well as the
packaging it comes in, Aquaplus
Water is the convenient and
safe choice.
For more information please contact
800 WATER (92837), email us at
or visit
Oct/Nov 2014