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From pediatric questions
to surgical queries, our
panel of experts is here
to answer your
Dr. Prof. Mahmoud
Elsayed Attia Shamseldeen,
Consultant and Professor in
the Pediatrics Department
My three year
old toddler has suddenly developed
fear of sleeping in the dark whereas
before it never bothered him. What
could be the reason?
Dr. Shamseldeen
“This is
common in this age (not a medical
or psychological problem) because
the child and toddler
powers of imagination
begin to increase and
develop at this age
(afraid from monsters
in his room, under bed
or behind curtains,
strange sound near to
his room), he begin to
share fantasy play in this
age which sometimes
represent scary games and dragons
and he can’t totally differentiate
between reality and fantasy. Also
at this age, typically kids start to
watch cartoons and movies which
represent scary issues and
abnormal huge creatures
coming from outside
earth. Mothers should
prevent her toddler from
watching scary movies
before sleep at night.
The toddler should have
warm bath before sleep
and mother can read to
him a small nice stories at
night on his bed while her toddler
sleeping beside her. Also issues in
the family (divorce) and problems
may lead to the development of the
fear of sleeping in the dark.”
Oct/Nov 2014