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Breast Safe test – Early
cancer detection
Tumour Markers are substances
(usually proteins) that are
produced by the body in response
to cancer growth. In the presence
of cancer, these substances are
elevated and detectable in blood
Breast Safe® Test is a blood test
which detects and measures
tumour markers in the
presence of breast cancer. It
helps to identify breast cancer
at an early stage before any
symptoms appear.
BRCA 1 & 2
• Breast cancer preventing genes
• Each individual has two copies of
these genes; one inherited from
mother, one from father. If one
copy is faulty there is a higher
risk of developing breast cancer
• Abnormal BRCA1 and BRCA2
genes - account for up to 10
percent of all breast cancers.
• Inherited mutations in BRCA 1
or BRCA 2 genes are the most
common cause of hereditary
breast cancer.
• Women with BRCA mutations
have up to an 80 percent chance
of developing breast cancer
during their lifetime. When they
do, it is often at a younger age
than women who are not born
with these gene mutations.
Go Pink this
to help raise Breast Cancer
The Benefits of
Genetic Counseling
If you are worried about
the risk of breast cancer
for yourself, or any of your
family members, you can
visit a genetic counselor to
discuss your family history
and do a personal risk
assessment. The counselor
will then guide you with
regards to suggesting which
test is best suited for you and
your family members.
Oct/Nov 2014