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Why should we check?
October is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month and in fact, has
been instrumental in educating
women about the importance
of early breast cancer detection.
According to Dr. Iliana Gancheva
Dmitrieva, specialist obstetrician
and gynaecologist in Dubai, cancer
of the breast in women is a major
health burden worldwide and 1 in
10 of all new cancers diagnosed
worldwide each year is breast
cancer. “Breast cancer is the most
common cancer in the UK and
it kills more than one thousand
women each month,” she tells.
(Sources: Cancer Research UK &
Office of National Statistics (ONS)
What is a mammogram?
Routine mammograms and
breast exams can detect cancer
early and provide women with
better treatment options and
results. Mammographic screening
for breast cancer, explains Dr.
Dmitrieva, uses
x-rays to examine
the breast for any
masses or lumps. “In
some countries a screening
mammogram is suggested at
age 40, with a repeat screening
every year or two,” she says
while some national programs
start mammography at 45. “For
the average woman, the U.S.
everyone has
been affected by
breast cancer in some
way or the other. Yet
knowing the facts can
help save a life.
investigates the
realities of breast
Oct/Nov 2014