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Local Support Groups:
Brest Friends is a social support
group for survivors who meet
monthly to discuss treatments
and any activities related to breast
cancer headed by breast surgeon,
Dr. Houriya Kazim. Contact:
• Friends of Cancer Patients
(FOCP), is a charitable,
volunteer-based foundation
established in 1999. As a
charitable organization FOCP
has been able to provide
financial and emotional support
to over 700 patients across the
UAE. FOCP is committed to all
residents of the UAE without
“In one of my singing-in-the-shower sessions, I
accidentally discovered a lump and then I went for a
checkup, followed by an ultrasound and mammogram.
When I found out I had breast cancer I was stunned. After
the initial disbelief and tears, I snapped into action mode
and began to plan my next steps accordingly. My husband,
son, daughter, daughter-in-law and oblivious 20-month
old granddaughter were my five pillars. My friends and
family asked me to be brave and strong although those
were the last two things that I felt I could be. My niece
once offered to accompany me for my chemo and another
time my sister-in-law accompanied me. There were two
options – moving forward with their support or lying
motionless, so I kept on trucking even though at that time
I really didn’t know how.”
“After my bilateral mastectomy, my chemotherapy began. I was given infusions every three weeks for a period of
eight months and then I had to take about 25 radiations. Throughout the chemotherapy, I experienced nausea and
body ache, swelling in my hands as well as loss of my hair. Yet I told myself that this was proof that the medicine
was working and the result of this would definitely be positive because of the advanced medical treatment available
“By the grace of Allah I am doing much better now, with my hair all grown back and I am now taking only target
therapy for any silly, stubborn cells left behind. Today all that pain and suffering feels like it had a purpose – a happy
ending. The side effects are quite physically draining but the hardest part is what drained me emotionally – the fear
that you might die anytime during your journey. But this fear is cushioned by the love and compassion of your
Ruxana Rais
first discovered that she had cancer in September 2011.
Real Life Breast Cancer Survivors:
discrimination. The charity aims
is to provide practical, financial,
moral, educational and medical
support for cancer patients
and their loved ones. Contact:;
• Angels of Mercy, provides
psychological counseling and
support to all cancer patients,
survivors and their families, and
educational programs to the
community about cancer. The
group meets once a month and
is located at Tawam Hospital
in Al Ain. Contact: Sjaloudi1@
• The Pure Heart Program is
dedicated to raising awareness
of the importance of supporting
cancer patients in every way, as
well as encouraging companies
to direct their Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
toward this cause. Contact:
Oct/Nov 2014