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lengthen your neck and
the lines of your body. And
lifting the length of your
dress slightly above the
knee can give the illusion
of longer legs.
The type of fabric is
paramount as certain
fabrics can give the look
of bulkiness or heaviness.
Instead choose fabrics
which are slightly stretchy
but not clingy.
which is a bit
curvier than
hourglasses. The best
way to overcome
the curves is to
wear scoop necks
as they flatter your
chest area. Try
to wear trousers
and skirts that
are looser at the
bottom and an A-line shape
can really add shape to your
hips and thighs.
For women with an inverted
triangle body shape, choose
bottoms that will enhance
your lower body and help
balance your upper body and
look for great shoes that will
draw the eye downwards.
Prints can work well at
disguising imperfections.
Look for blouses that are
lighter weight and have
stretch in them.
Some other simple and
fast solutions to enhance a
larger woman’s body shape
include first and foremost,
pay attention to your neckline
as a v-shaped neckline will
Avoid horizontal stripes! This one’s pretty
obvious - stripes that go horizontally across a
shirt or a pair of pants will undoubtedly make
your form look broader than it really is.
attention to
your neck with
an eye catching
necklace, or other
Use caution when buying
pants. Choose pants with
a smooth front: no pleats
as pleated pants poof out
below the waistband,
drawing attention to your
Buy clothes that fit you.
Whether you are a size 2
or a size 22, if you wear
the wrong size clothes,
you’ll end up looking
bigger than you are.
Highlight your good parts;
draw attention to your
neck with an eye catching
necklace, or other
Work on your posture.
Stand up straight, pull
your stomach in, and your
shoulders back.
Oct/Nov 2014