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Dermacel Replenishing Sunblock
SPF 36; Light Moisture Antioxidant
This state-of-the-art formula with Titanium Dioxide
and exclusive botanicals helps prevent the breakdown
of collagen and elastin. This helps delay premature
aging with a state-of-the-art formula with Micronized
Zinc and exclusive botanicals that help prevent the
breakdown of collagen and elastin. Ideal for daily
facial wear and can be used around the eyes. With
key ingredients that include Micronized Zinc Oxide,
Tamanu Oil, Aloe Vera, Beta Carotene, Colhibin and
Elhibin and Silica, this SPF product helps prevent
collagen breakdown while moisturizing and protecting
the skin.
Power brows, chemical free sun
blocks and mineral makeup….
looks at the hottest
beauty products for Fall 2014…
available at L’Esprit
Medical Clinic; 04 3388238
Dhs 340
Oct/Nov 2014