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The Ingredients
• Organic honey
• Rolled oats
• Organic plain yogurt
• Cucumbers, potatoes, carrots
• All kinds of fresh fruits such as
citrus, bananas, strawberries,
and pineapple
• Papayas, avocados
• Whole milk
• Olive oil and sesame seed oil
• White sugar
• Rose Water (available at local
Indian or Arabic grocers)
The Treatments
*(use once a week for best results)
To get a mini freshening
peel squeeze half teaspoons
each of orange and
lemon juice and mix
with two tablespoons
of plain organic
yogurt in a bowl.
Apply with
fingertips and
leave on for at
least 10 to 15
minutes before
rinsing with cold
water. This is
especially good
for normal to oily
A great
pick me up and
instant face-
lift after a hard
day at the office
is the egg white
freshener. Separate
the yolk and white
of one egg and using a
fork, mix the white and
add ¼ teaspoon of lemon
or lime juice. Use a cotton
ball to apply this. As each
layer dries, reapply it. It
will tighten very quickly
and be careful not to apply
it under the eyes. Leave it
on for at least 10 minutes
and rinse with cold water.
A refreshing homemade
cleanser is to mix 2 tablespoons
of cold whole milk with a pinch
of salt and two teaspoons of
lime juice. Use a cotton ball to
wipe on the entire face and neck
(excluding the under eye area.)
The combination of lactic acid and
citric acid really deep cleanses and
helps to rid the skin of the days’
grit and grime.
For an instant mini-
facial suitable for all skin
types, that will help you
to relax, grind up ¼
cup rolled oats in the
grinder to make a
fine powder and add
to it 1 tablespoon
of organic yogurt
and 1 teaspoon of
pineapple juice. Mix
well and apply for
at least 20 minutes.
Rinse with cold
An instant
emollient for dry
and flaky skin is
the banana mask.
Mash ¼ of a banana
and add to it half a
teaspoon of organic
honey. Apply the creamy
mixture for at least 15 to
20 minutes. Rinse with
warm water and then cold
Be Beautiful
Sugar, honey and yogurt…These days many beauty
products actually contain ingredients that are derived
from ingredients found in nature.
some effective beauty tips using easily found items
from your fridge or kitchen pantry.
Oct/Nov 2014