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who have no exercise routine can also
have these. Also, Nganga tells that after
child bearing, most women develop
them. Men develop them at 30 when
their metabolism begins to slow down.
Also almost all men with weight issues
have love handles since men’s main fat
deposit area is the belly. “Genetics, diet
and age play an important role on how
some people have more than others,” he
The Exercises
Nganga stresses that it is of utmost
important to note that the following
exercises DO NOT get rid of love
handles. “They only serve to strengthen
the muscle around the love handles,” he
says and the bottom line is that to get
rid of love handles, cardio routines are
important along with balanced diet.
Bicycle Crunches
How To Do It: Laying flat on your
back with your hands by your ears,
elevate your legs to a 90-degree angle,
next, bring your left knee towards your
chest and twist your right elbow to
meet it. Repeat this on the other side.
Also, as you bring one leg in, stretch
the other one straight out.
Progression -
Twists with weights
Hold a weighted disc in your hands,
ideally one with grips. Twist your torso
in both directions using the same
technique above but with weights.
The twister in gyms can also be used to
target this muscle .
How To Do It: Twists are extremely powerful whilst
targeting the external and internal obliques which
are the muscles targeted towards burning the fat/love
handles. Twists are done standing upright facing the
mirror and with your feet in the same position, twist
your torso to the left and your head should face the left
shoulder and repeat in the opposite direction.
Oct/Nov 2014