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DAY 2014
In the approach to World Arthritis
Day, celebrated around the world
on October 12th, the Middle East
Arthritis Foundation has prepared a
comprehensive programme planned
for this year’s celebrations. In line
with this year’s theme – ‘Living Better,
Ageing well’ – the Foundation will
host the event, which will both raise
awareness of the disease and inspire
those with the condition to make the
most of life.
Spread over two days – Friday 10th
and Saturday 11th October – World
Arthritis Day events are open to
anyone, family and friends included,
who are dealing with or directly or
indirectly affected by arthritis. The
event will be free of charge and
feature exercise sessions, interactive
round table discussion with experts,
a Juvenile Arthritis Forum, cooking
contest for patients and much more.
Dr. Humeria Badsha, founding
Member of the Middle East Arthritis
Foundation (formerly Emirates
Arthritis Foundation) says the
activities at this year’s WAD event have
been designed to support arthritis
sufferers through their daily challenges,
give advice on healthy nutrition, and
help them to enjoy a happy and full
“We’ve designed
a comprehensive
and spread the
activities over two
days to cover all
Middle East Arthritis Foundation to increase awareness and provide greater support for
people suffering with arthritis by organising 2 days of activities
aspects of life for arthritis sufferers and
give them useful tips for every day,” she
says. “We want people to know that
arthritis can be effectively controlled
and managed, and that they don’t need
to stop their life because of that the
We looked at everything that has
worked during previous years and built
on it to make World Arthritis Day
2014 even more interactive and more
informative for our attendees.”
All activities over the two-day
WAD ’14 event will be free of
charge and open to the public.
To register for the event, contact
Middle East Arthritis Foundation
on +971 50 534 31 82 (limited places
available), and for more information
Arthritis affects one in five people
in the UAE and early diagnosis is
important for successful treatment.
Contrary to popular belief, the disease
does not only occur in the elderly,
children and teenagers are also
susceptible, with the most severe forms
occurring mostly in younger people,
and the average age of onset between
40 and 60 years.
Oct/Nov 2014