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UCMAS Abacus classes
The UCMAS method of improving the child’s memory and speed in thinking rests on the ancient tool
— the abacus. For the first six months of the programme the child is familiarised and made to operate
the abacus. By the end of the programme they have 450,000 images stored in their memory. Once they
perfect their ability to recall these images and convert them into numbers, they are ready to attempt sums
mentally with the help of the abacus — and without it after some time. Visit:
Dubai Music School
Dubai Music School was founded in 1980
by pop star internationally acclaimed singer,
composer and producer Glenn Perry out of
the need to help aspiring musicians develop
musically in the instrument of their choice. All
instructors’ are professionals whose credentials
speak for themselves. The institute offers
guitar, piano, bass, electronic keyboard, drums
and violin.
The Music Institute
The Music Insitute offers music and dance
classes that include music, piano, guitar
drums, violin, lute/oud, saxophone flute
and keyboard. Dance classes include Salsa,
contemporary, dance, and hip-hop
Top Chef Dubai
Mini chef exclusively
dedicated to a gourmet little
chef, this class is the place
to explore, create, learn, and
Visit: www. topchefdubai.
Cooking Sense
Children will discover the
fun in healthy cooking
and eating with all senses.
Children will learn to cook
easy to prepare recipes
which than can be easily
cooked at home. All classes
include ingredients,
recipes and a small meal
or a tasting session in
the end of the class.
Oct/Nov 2014